Legend of Zelda Pack 2

Great Flameblade
The Greatflameblade is a fairly uncommon weapon though is most commonly found in Shrines.

Lynel Sword
*finds one of these for the first time*
me: listen the f**k here Nintendo

Terrible plausability aside, The Savage Lynel 'Sword' is a high power one-handed weapon obtained exclusivly by defeating one of the most powerful enemies in the game, a high level Lynel, Lion/Horse/Man hybrids who clearly use some sort of steroids.

Royal Shield
The Third best weapon in the game, just behind the Royal Guard's shirld and Ancient Shield. this Shield when at late game can be found rarely in some chests though is very abundantly throughout Hyrule Castle, though Hyrule Castle is full of the toughest enemies in the game, Guardians and lots of Malice goo... on second thoughts stay the f**k away from there

Thunderblight Ganon
The salt lord, sweet prince of douchebaggery, the lord of 'HOLY S**T HE'S FAST'. Sonicblight ganon *ahem* i mean Thunderblight Ganon is the incarnation of Ganon you face withing the Devine Beast Vah Nabooris.

It is known among fans as not only the hardest boss but also the fastest as it's able to zig-zag over to you and strike a one hit kill faster than you can say "WELL S**T"

Thunderblight Ganon's Shield
The Shield of the SaltLord.

Stone Talus
One of my favorite overworld bosses, only being beaten by Igneo Talus and the almighty Molduga. Stone Talus are invincible to all forms of attack though can still be harmed when you attavk the ore on their back, Mining weapons and heavy weapons deal lots more damage to the ore, the Mining Shaft if used correctly can in fact down this thing in seconds.

The fun thing with this boss is how you can actually climb it, allowing for some unique plans of attack.

Igneo Talus
A fiery Talus. Igneo Talus are extremely hot and ar unclimbable while ignited, to make them climbable, hit them with a ice weapon to extinguish the flames and get to that ore. alternatively if you have no ice gear, you can always use some arrows, lob your weapons at it or strategically chuck a few bombs at it while it's lower to the ground.

Ralph's edit: ...I'm beginning to have a small thought that you may-haps like this "Legend of Zelda" thing.

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Do I really have to fill this out?

When you call a shield the third best weapon in the game