Lloyds Scythe (Phantom)

Lloyd's scythe... Yeah that's it.

Lloyds-Scythe-Phantom.nodes (12.6 KB)

Submitted in Weapons by Nobody on July 15, 2016


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How do I use downloaded stickfigures/packs?

Please see this FAQ section here for instructions on how to use downloaded stickfigure files.


    • I would say yes.

      Basically once you download a stickfigure you can do whatever you want with it.

      Just two general rules. Don’t take credit for it either by saying it’s yours or submitting it again under your name. Second rule is more of a suggestion, but it’s common courtesy to give credit to the author if you use their stickfigures.

      There’s a gray area if you do a significant amount of changes to a stickfigure though. At some point, it may become “okay” for you to claim it as your own, but that depends on the stickfigure and how much you changed.

      • Yeah, one of the only reasons I said “yes” is because he actually asked(unlike some people I (don’t) know)

    • Why did you ask Ralph to make a stickfigure that’s completely unrelated to this one…one this one? save that for the FAQ page.


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