My RHG!!

Maximo is an anthropomorphic Wolf who loves wrestling and fighting.

He is a master Martial Artist and has elemental powers; his favorite element is Fire.

He knows every language. He can revive himself from the dead. He is very fast and athletic. He loves to fight... ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

Secret Mission: To Eliminate Sean from existence.

(RHG based off my OC, Max Velositi.)

Ralph's edit: OP but I like his mission.

Maximo.nodes (3.6 KB)

Submitted in People by WolfieDaBoss on August 3, 2017

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Forgotten Name

To erase Sean just get the magic pencil from Spongebob and use it on Sean.


Time to make MY version of The End Vs Maximo.

Super Creator
It's me, everyone's favorite ladyboy!

Finnaly, someone man enough to make an anthro RHG, good on ya’ mate

Drago Drago O's
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What comes out of my mouth will always be important.

This’ll be your porn for the next 5 days. i swear LOL

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What if sean erases you from stick nodes existance?