McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Stickfigure description: the plane that has killed over 1,526+ people from the following disasters:

- Turkish Airlines Flight 981
- American Airlines Flight 191
- United Airlines Flight 232
- National Airlines Flight 27 (R.I.P to that one person)
- Western Airlines Flight 2605
- Air New Zealand Flight 901
- World Airlines Flight 30 (2 people presumably drowned)
- Korean Air Flight 803
- UTA Flight 772
- Martinair Flight 495
- Air France Flight 4590 (may be a Concorde but crashed because of a debris from a Continental Airlines DC-10)
- and probably more flights that I'm too lazy to list down.

also gave it a FedEx livery because why not?

Ralph's edit: ...

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Submitted in Vehicles by a guy on May 22, 2017

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a guy

I suck at writing descriptions.


Lol, you did good

Toxic911 Animations

Jeez, that description drags on and on. Hehehe


Am i the only one who thought it said McDonald at first?