Megaman 2017

It's that robot from the new Megaman 2017 show.
Ralph's Edit : I still don't get the difference between Megaman and Megaman X

Ralph's edit: I never played Megaman.

Megaman-2017.nodes (4.9 KB)

Submitted in People by Megaman48 & Speruu on March 19, 2017


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  1. Hey so what, I’m not a thief . The Megaman 2017 is said to have he same gen on his head , JUST LIKE MEGAMAN X. No Theft confirmed

  2. I gave it now dude. Besides even if he’s not here. For a long time…. Plus that would’ve come to my mind if I didn’t have short term memory loss

  3. Megaman, I get stickfigures uploaded all the time that are based off of someone else’s stickfigure. It’s corrected in the comments, and I amend the author when I notice.

    The difference here is you fight back and make excuses, that’s why it snowballs into a big thing.

    I’ve added Speruu as a co author because he did more than half the work. Just acknowledge that and move on.

  4. Lol what is this
    what happened
    I’m usually ok if someone uses my stuff
    But without credit
    That gets 0.000000000000001 inches closer to crossing the line


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