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Ralph's edit: You guys make weird things. (10.6 KB)

Submitted in Packs by MrOrangeManDudz on March 10, 2018

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      • No one said that, nor did I imply that. Would I say fortnite is a rip off of pubg because they’re both battle royals? No, I wouldn’t. But would I say games like rules of survivals is a knock off of pubg? Yes, I would. Not because it’s on mobile or because it’s a battle royale, but instead because it’s damn near just a mobile remake for mobile.

        The same is applied for “mobile legends (literally the name is a little direct)”. Try not to butt in on something that doesn’t apply to you, especially when your argument doesn’t apply to the original comment 🙂

        • “No one said that, nor did i imply that.”
          You clearly did: “Oh, it’s the league of legends sht mobile knock off version.”

          Just by the controls it’s already different. Notice how LoL use mouse controls to move around? RoS is clearly a spin-off, it isn’t anything new to the table. ML use joystick controls, which provides more control to your character than just simply clicking around. Whilst ML actually “try” to balance their heroes, LoL has a lot of unbalanced champions.

          You can say keyboard turned into a joystick isn’t a spin-off??? But it is, their play style are similar. But mouse controls turned into a joystick is new.

          “Try not to butt in on something that doesn’t apply to you, especially when your argument doesn’t apply to the original comment 🙂”
          Are you really implying my comment doesn’t apply to your horrible comparison? I’ve just explained to you in a comedic manner that games can be similar and still be unique.

          “Try not to butt in”
          What is the point of free speech and the comment section, huh?

          • No. You implied that I made the assumption that every similar game is the same, or at least these two. That assumption is rambunctious and stupid. Your arguements through out have had no depth nor meaning. Too put it simply, saying minor changes such as “controls” is redundant, considering ML is a mobile game. It’s natural and only makes sense that the controls are different. Also, you go into ML and LoL and tell me that more than just their play style is similar. Many of the champions are very similar, as well as some of their backstories. You also seemed to state that LoL doesn’t balance their champions, and many are unfair. That’s very much a fallacy. As someone who’s played both, I’ve known both for to have their fair share of unbalanced champions. Both have gone through many updates balancing out characters, so this happens to be another similarity (despite it Being unintentional)

            I admit, your comment does imply, but it’s redundant, as the points you stated had no impact or meaning to the argument.

            Ronin, I’ve seen you multiple times arguing for the false point. You’re a smart guy, and you’re arguments are usually genuine and well defined. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still arguing for the false point.

            As of now, this conversation from my end is most likely done. You can respond (in fact, I encourage you too) and I will make sure to read it. However, I may not respond.

            I’ll see you

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