My RHG Over-Powered

Try beating him in a fight.

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File NameMy-RHG-Over-Powered.nodes
File Size2.8 KB
DateNovember 13, 2016


  1. My RHG’s Elemental Form is More OP. (By Elemental. He Can Control Everything. Ex: Time,Fire,Water,Air/Wind,Earth And The Weather. He Also Shoots an Elemental Beam Which Shoots All His Power.)

  2. My RHG Is scarf :weapon Sword :made out of iron and all kinds of metals and mysterious fire :personality tough and kindness and coolness:His Backstory Scarf Used To Have A Family But his mom abandoned him she knew that he would be the best RHG in life scarf was older than his brother Ralph Fire Ralph Was Always Lazy or bored Scarf Had to Take care of him and The Adventures they had
    :Power Lvl infinity critical damage 9999999999 he is the most strongest trains hard works hard gets hard Everything he does is hard…..and will be a legendary RHG Stick…….


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