Node Spawn Mimic

Outside of their striking colours, the Node Spawn Mimics are very similar to regular Broodlings with equally tough chitin and a horrid set of mandibles. however, aside from their claw tail and two extra miniture talons, the Mimic is very unique. their ability to manipulate others minds into thinking they're someone else by using advanced pheromones is unbelievable useful when trying to kill more tougher opponents. due to their high biotech and complicated neural network (brain stuff), they are very rarely spawned but when they are, they can become your worst nightmare, and they could be right next to you offering you a drink which could be possibly spiked with Node Spawn Venom...

Ralph's edit: *gets fly swatter*

Node-Spawn-Mimic.nodes (10.4 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by Epitaph on September 9, 2017

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B***h Slaps the flamethrower mimic and tea bags it