Pivot Base

A standard pivot-like base.

Pivot Base.nodes (379 B)

Submitted in People by Gary on November 29, 2014


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  1. Its funny how ive had stick nodes since it first came out but i only commented once and that was when someone stole a carnege figure and ralph forgot to give credit to him

  2. making a collab!! Name: You vs lvre and zkevin collab. RULES: Zkevin and lvre must use 3 circles for arms ( middle must be bigger than other two ) indicating they are strong. Post your entry on youtube. give lvre a gray shirt tan skin color 1 whole leg the 2nd leg width 5 and some hair her gender: female. zkevin use lvre but give him another leg and make his shirt orange also make the arms on lvre & zkevin entirly tan give keb a light blue pants give zkevin rainbow pastel shaggy ( go look up rainbow pastel shaggy and go to the ROBLOX website. ) remove the 5 thiccness leg on keb and your ready to go!! this is a collab for the fun of it!! p.s make the last circle ( the one after the big one ) small and static


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