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This unpleasant world is a polluted wasteland because of it's native inhabitants: the Inthire (in-thiy-r). the Inthire have since the finding of fossil fuel and electricity been obsessed with all things factory related because of all the metal they could refine for their bloated army and the large amounts of 'dosh' they could earn, so much so that that they completely illegalised the research of global warming and air and water pollution. due to their arrogance, the world was slowly turned a sickly green and their skys a permanent angry grey, their water became viscous and acidic beyond consumption while their weather turned savage. now the planet Xenphorok is used as a bandit hideout as well as a source of refined metal as it's factories continue to vomit noxious gasses into it's atmosphere to this day.

The Planet Uontoll (oo-on-toll) may look like a snowy world, perfect for making snowmen and lobbing snowballs at your friends head but do not be fooled. this world is in fact far from frigid as the powder that may look like snow is really 'white sand'. this planet is in fact 40 degrees celcius almost worldwide despite it's thin atmosphere and length away from it's star (around where Jupiter is). the reason for the heat is because of it's core which roars at a burning heat far beyond our little blue world. this outer world is considered a mining world as it boasts vast deposits of carbon crystals like diamond very close to the surface.

Ovaen 3
The reason for Ovaen 3's (O-vay-en) dark surface is due to the gaseous clouds dramatic ability to adsorb vast amounts of light. about 80% of light that hits it's surface is absorbed which makes it very hard to see, hence to black colour. beneath the thick cloud layer is only a simple rocky core that organic and robotic beings alike would be crushed into a pancake due to the immense pressure of it's gaseous atmosphere. It is occasionally called the 'demon's eye'.

Chok la vorra
Occasionally labled the 'sphere of magnificence', Chok la vorra (chok-la-vo-ra) is well known for it's beauty through it's bright pink ring and it's luscious forests. Chok la vorra is inhabited mainly by a kind and accepting race known as the Phorok (fo-rok) which strive to gain as much intelligence as possible through open mindedness and dedication to philosophy. Planet Chok la vorra is also known for being a fairly wealthy planet due to it's large deposits of gold and platinum beneath the surface as well as the Phorok's prized architecture and sculptures. however, all is not perfect here as a cureless disease (that being Nannull) (nan-ool) has grown to a full pandemic withing the southern regions.

Quagnalou (kweg-na-loo) is a very curios planet. this world has only a single continent surrounded by an enormous ocean of liquid methane called the 'infinte sea'. the ocean is odd in the way the the liquid methane doe not act like the average liquid but instead acts more like jelly and is VERY viscous, stepping in the methane lakes may result in getting stuck. the planet is inhabited by very few species and due to it's location near a large asteroid field it is commonly bombarded by not only meteors but also crashing ships.

Ralph's edit: Stickfigure complexity aside...and long, detailed summaries would have taken me forever to come up with 5 decent plant-sounding names... (16.9 KB)

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