Pokemon Pack 3

This large Grass type os one of the three starter pokemon of the Sinnoh region. it evolves to Torterra at level 32 when it can learn the D E V A S T A T I N G move Earthquake. Torterra has a very high deffence guage and can learn many status affecting moves which allow it to be a real threat to face

This Pokemon is a Psychic/Rock type which has the ability 'levitate' which renders is immune to ground type attacks. it is a fairly uncommon site both during trainer battles and being seen in the wild

Floatzel is a reliable Water/Normal type with an amazing noise. it is known for having a wide array of good attacks including favorites like: Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Surf and Water Pulse.

Fast, Bulky, is a Steel type and is extremely weak to fire!

Scizors are a fan-favorite for being a very reliable 'stab' pokemon which basically can deal lots of damage very quickly with no stat boosts. Scizor also has a Mega Evolution just to top it all off

Ralph's edit: Let's congratulate Epitaph! He's made every single Pokemon into a Stick Nodes stickfigure finally!
I think.

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Floatzel is a pure water type.

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