Pokemon Weavile

Skulking in the tundras of the world, the Weavile prowl. they are an extremely fast ice type Pokemon that uses their razor sharp claws to tear apart foes with lightning fast succession. if your playing through a Pokemon game that has these in it, i recommend finding and catching one.

Pokemon-Weavile.nodes (12.6 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by Epitaph on July 9, 2017

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        • I’ll get onto Groudon and Kyogre eventually, right now though I’m focussing all my attention into making both backgrounds, assets and creatures for the StickNodes movie as well as the actual Movie itself.
          Once I release Episode 2, I’ll focus on Pokemon and Halo a little more with a dash of other series like Gears of War and Skyrim

          • Though you can be excited about Mega Steelix, Mega Lopunny and Delphox reaching the site soon along with a Rouxian Warrior and some Node Spawns for Charxek’s hoard

        • though that dosen’t automatically mean it’s the best game. how about i compare it to Gen4 eh?
          Gen 1 Start: Start in a town with a friend
          Gen 4 Start: in a town with a friend (okay this one’s exactly the same)
          Gen 1 bad guy’s aim: to get moneyz
          Gen 4 bad guy’s aim: to make a new goddamn universe
          Gen 1 ending: become the champ and catch the Pokemon you forgot along the way
          Gen 4 ending: become champ, proceed to not only catch Heatran, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin and the three legendary birds but you also go the battle resort which is a massive island. then you also catch basically GOD (Arceus)
          Gen 1 Graphics: can barely see whats in front of me
          Gen 4 Graphics: clear, colorful and in a nice 16bit to 32bit sort of style
          i don’t mind if you prefer Gen 1 over Gen 4, but i just don’t cling to the originals, I’ve also gotten sick of all the top 10 channels that simply pick Gen 1 as the best because it ‘started the franchise’ or that ‘you could actually catch them all’.
          so yeah, i ranted on a bit but its just honest opinion

  1. Make the gen 1 trio and there evolution aka bulbasaur ivysaur venasuar charmander charmeleon Charizard squirtle wartortle blastoise


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