Realistic Human

Behold the Human being, the most boring and simple being to ever be concieved. now listen closely, i want you to use this template to make you, as you, as in yourself (this is optional, unless you have some Nazi's at the door screaming for you to make one).

Ralph's edit: What.

Realistic-Human.nodes (8.6 KB)

Submitted in People by Epitaph on July 9, 2017

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I neva freeze

EXTRA THICC -Epitaph 2017

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Woke up this mornin, with a stick node to my head.

(The following is honest criticism ment to be helpful. Please don’t take offense)

I would recommend that you make the hips jut out less. The way they do now is kind of unnatural. I would also make the legs shorter. The arm span of your character should be the same as there height to be realistic.

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yeah but Thicc