Rouxian Quarrantine Cell Background

when your armies are out fighting cystal clawed furries and ancient super ants, one of them is gonna get sick or go mad at some point. despite the fact Rouxians are simply corrupted .nodes they can still fall ill to a disease That comes from the Node Spawns: glitching. when they catch this dreaded illness, Rouxians will go completely mad and will start doing odd things for no reason, if it becomes serious enough the Rouxian may even completely delete itself.

However, nobody had seen or heard of the Node Spawns for 3 years and in that time this was used as a friendly get-together room to chat with other Rouxians about what was getting them down like the fact that they only know how to shoot things, follow orders and play rock paper scissors...

Ralph's edit: Rock paper scissors is actually an OP game true fact.

Rouxian-Quarrantine-Cell-Background.nodes (2.3 KB)

Submitted in Backgrounds by Epitaph on October 28, 2017

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What’s all this roux stuff about?

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