Shade the Fox Pack

Shade the Fox
This is Shade the fox with fox hair that is movable.

Super Shade
This is Shade's super form. This form's power is equal to 1.5 times that of Super Sonic's. It's OP, and is only used by Shade in emergencies, as he needs to take off his Limit Bands to do this. Imagine them as like Shadow's Inhibitor Rings, but more limiting. Also he needs the chaos Emeralds.

Demonic Shade
This is the improved version of Demonic Shade 2, which was not uploaded, right? Anyway it's improved because it has movable hair and all that.

Super Demonic Shade
Demonic Shade's super form. Demonic Shade previously needed the Master Emerald to access this transformation because of the tremendous amount of power it requires. Now, however they can use this form at any time by using the Ultimate Sapphire. Nobody but Shade knows how he acquired this strange gem... Anyway it's a super form and it's twice as strong and fast as super sonic. Enjoy! (13.0 KB)

Submitted in Packs by Demonic DJ on February 13, 2018

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OP Lvl10
“If you see a THOT, call 911.” ~ Survival Tips

Looks like the Sonic base without the hairdo

Ultra Elite Lvl9
Put the best chips on the worst bag

I’m gonna make an angel rhg for all this diabolic rhgs

Super Elite Lvl7
I have cancer

you can’t make your mind, can you?

Super Elite Lvl7
I have cancer

One is naruto running

Demonic DJ
Hyper Elite Lvl8
Have you ever heard demon music?

That’s just how Shade runs.