Shay Elsteed

This is Shay Elsteed,the designer of the prototype telepower suit given to Ariana Fell.

She has a pretty sad backstory.

Her parents really wanted a son and name their child "Sean"but they had a daughter, Her father Feidaan Elsteed was a weapon engineer for Lord Arvon Polotan himself, he also created the mechanical circulatory system for Arvon after his heart was ripped out by Alan J. Feidaan made a mistake he was the one who told Alan that Arvon would be making a public announcement.

Arvon said that Feidaan was forgiven,he lied. Months after Arvon was revived he murdured Shay's mother Freya Feidaan wanted revenge but was captured and executed by Arvon's bodyguards Shay was already working with her father at the time.

She received the horrible news from Iopheus Preston, a rebel polotanian soldier and a good friend of Shay who was later killed by a thief. She was then sworn to slavery for an attempted rebellion by Arvon to work for him till she died.

Ralph's edit: *furiously scribbling down notes*

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Submitted in People by OC MAKER on March 13, 2018

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