Sheikah Symbol

A Sheikah Symbol from the game The Legend Of Zelda - Breath Of the Wild. Its like a weird eyeball mirror thang...
Idk just ask that one guy you know who plays nothing but nintendo games, they'll probably know.

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Submitted in Miscellaneous by Swizik on July 12, 2017

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Aaaaaawwwww yyyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!


Well i play Breath Of The Wild (im inside Divine Beast vah Rudania. Before that, i had accessed all terminals and defeated Windblight Ganon on Divine Beast Vah Medoh), and that Sheikah Symbol is actually on the Sheikah Slate that you get at the very beginning of the game, and also appears on shrines and towers. So basically, you’ll see the symbol thru the entire game.