Silver Pack

He is happy unless put near tomato soup, don't do it...WAIT DONT DO IT!!! (He is a wind elemental, like Ralph :0)

Ralph's edit: To be honest I have previously decided I'd be an airbender if anything so I'll allow this. (1.7 KB)

Submitted in Packs by FalconAnimsYT on July 17, 2017

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nome gusta
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Reaper D0ge
Cool Member Lvl2
Mayyyyybe a furry...Epitaph...

Hey, can I use this for an anim? It is a rhg match, with silver and my oc, because mine is magic.

Falcon Anims
Super Member Lvl3

Yeah, go ahead man 🙂
As long as you send me the link to watch it 😉
My channel is Falcon Anims


@Reaper D0ge can you make another animation of my character against yours? My character is a speed type.

If you will:

Do you want his stats?

And do you want me to send him to you?

Note: If your answer for the question above this paragraph is no, then you don’t want a match.

If your answer for the question in the first paragraph of this is no, then that also means you don’t want a match.

If your answer for the question above the question that’s above the paragraph that’s above this paragraph is no, then you won’t know his skills.

Yeah, I know, that’s a lot.


Yeah? Give me his stats, I’m busy with a series too ;-;
Damn subs ._.

But sure!!

My character is getting a buff in my new series too, so wait a bit, k?
My channel is Falcon Anims (about 130 subs)