Stackmat – Timer

The actual mat will be a separate download.

A stack-mat timer is a small device in which when turned on you may place your hands on the two pictures of hands and wait a second for the light to turn green(change stick color) and when your hands release the timer starts, when your hands return the timer stops. the time is shown in the green-ish moldy color.

it is used in cupstacking and rubik’s cube, competitions.
But you can buy a set to have at home, The picture has already been posted as an update on my account

oh hey Ralph, can you use a picture of a stack mat(but just the mat) as a background?
that would be great.

Ralph's edit:*nervous searching* here how about this instead?

Stackmat-Timer.nodes (6.9 KB)

Submitted in Objects by JesseBS2 on January 4, 2018

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