Star Wars Captain Rex

One of the Republic's finest. He wields twin heavy blaster pistols and is known for being nigh unstoppable on the field, taking down tanks, Droidekas and even magna droids.

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    • If ya do wanna make one at least make these if you want to…

      Shedinja (cuz it’s immortal)

      Random legendary

      Gardevoir(y not)

      Donald trump I mean gumshoos




      At least make one of them if ya want to

      • Well, i have some pokemon on the way, here are the ones to expect
        – and the Male and Female versions of Team Skull Grunts

        I might make another legendary like Giratina a starter like Empoleon but that’ll take more time (alot more time) as I’ve promised to make Halo and Star Wars things. I’ve also began to prioritise Skyrim a bit as well as beginning work on Bionicle related thing and so. Much. More!
        If uploads slow down, that’ll be Ralphs fault for getting a months worth behing time in uploading cause I’m sending in about 10/20 figures as we speak!
        See ya then!


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