Subjects Pack

Subject 1
The first subject of Subject Mutate. This subject had cartilosis. His cartillages were suffering and were bent. Subject mutate inserted some S285 Heteroxitite to calm it down. 5 weaks later he felt like he was a lot taller. He saw himself in the mirror and shrieked in terror. He was a mutant.

Subject 2
Subject 2 had suffered Leprosy. But this leprosy was rare. He had began to deform his legs (which is normal), but he began to grow 2 studs. Subject Mutate (The doctor/Proffessor if you hadnt caught on), injected so Seretotinaxm But it only deformed his legs even more and turned the studs into actual legs.

Subject 3
Subject 3 had his upper body suffering from Kaleriton. It deformed his organs and neck. Subject Mutate had inject STW672 into him but it turned his entire upper body into a cyst that formed into an arm. A new head popped up from his leg.

Subject 4
Subject 4, otherwise known as Dubject as she was a balleria dancer before she had been treated with Melatrokis. Her neck started to grow and stiff. Subject Mutate inject Setreon into her but she deformed into the monstrosity you see now. Legends say if you enter her old house, you can hear ballerina music and dancing feet.

Subject X
This subject, created by subject Mutate, has 6 arms. He was an ordinary aussie untill he had x-pol. X-pol mutates the brain of a person to make them insane. Subject Mutate wasnt they very best, and he was very risky, but he was the only one that knew the cure. He injected some X10 into him, and he went mad. Subject X grew his arms painfully. He is called subject X because of the X10 that mutated him

Subject Mutate
Subject Mutate;The subject that made subjects. Subject Mutate was a subject when he was a child. As a child he had 2 extra studs. Later time he was diagnosed with Cloarandty. He got tested and after 2 weeks,the studs turned to arms. He begin to test other people when he was 40. (6.2 KB)

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