Sword Syrup and Swyrup Pack

Sword - A LOT has happened in the past month swordyl changed his name to sword yunoshi phantoms name is syrup AND he changed his hair to PINK!!!! its all going haywire and sword is umm stronger he trained with his fathers dad (saitama) and became a lot like his grandfather except bald.

Syrup - Syrup and sword were ubducted by frieza and were experementied on sword was forced to go back his tail and syrup was made a bioandroid.

Swyrup - Sword and syrups new fusion he is pretty strong.

Sword-Syrup-and-Swyrup-Pack.zip (6.2 KB)

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  1. Sorry for this but…


    In your first swordyl/sword description it clearly states that the father is a xenomorph. There is no possible way that saitama f*cked and birth a xenomorph…So with this said…



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