The Black Standard

The flag of Isis, the guys lierally everyone on earth wants to shoot in the face with a nuclear warhead. Made this for the guys who do animations of soldiers shooting terrorists and stuff.

Ralph's edit: I almost wasn't going to upload this but I guess we have Hitler on the site so you know, whatever. Isis Hitler, great combo, someone should animate that DO IT.

The-Black-Standard.nodes (5.6 KB)

Submitted in Objects by Epitaph on September 13, 2017

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  1. i made it for animations of some dude breaking into some hideout and killing Terrorists, everyone makes those kind of animations at least once

    • Alright, theres a nice rant ahead, you have been warned.

      Ok you snowflake. Islam is not a race, it is a religion in which this isn’t racist. Alluh Akbar is 2 words commonly known to be yelled by the extremist group ISIS. This flag does not represent the Islamic faith though it represents a islamic terrorist group. Something shouldn’t be taken down because it offends you because you took in a context of “racism”. People in both Canada and the US have no problem with Muslims. They have an issue with the extremist part in which you hate just as much as we do.
      Is it thrown as an attack towards your beliefs? No. Because it is forbidden in your faith doesn’t mean everyone has to abide by your feelings or faith as do you towards ours.

    • 1.ISIS is a terrorist origination not a race.
      2. Though it can be considered racist it is for a good word if you can read the description.
      3. Actually you think every one here is a terrorist here so you assume we are gonna use this to reenact 9/11. Which I could go to lengths and say you’re racist but unlike you i’m not so triggered.
      4. Muslims isn’t a race. But a religion. But I can see where you’re coming from.
      Do your research before you talk shiza mah dude.


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