The Node Defabricator

The primary weapon of Empress Roux, it can cut deep into other figures to the point of disconnecting and sometimes even deleting Nodes. However, in the hands of a Good and Just StickNode, it can Create nodes.

It is believed through Myth that it was the very tool used by Ralph to create the original figures like 'block head' and 'bench', each praised as artifacts (especially the Bench, all hail the Bench)

PS: this bench thing needs to be a thing!

Ralph's edit: And the award for the best name of a stickfigure goes to "The Node Defabricator".

Ralph's edit 2: Sean made Block Head.

The-Node-Defabricator.nodes (1.4 KB)

Submitted in Weapons by Epitaph on March 12, 2017


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  1. Oh, quick message for ‘King Gomora’. I know it’s pretty annoying having me say i was going to do it soon and it still hasn’t arrived but stay true brother, you will have your TitanBoa!

  2. I made some episodes with the block head figure I call the episode…BLOCK HEAD THE MOVIE it’s about a block head figure named block his friend was a PV stick figure kind but then freandship broke between them Darkness fills pivot because they met a beautiful girl but they fought over her so she decided if they train for her meaning ha ring martial arts skills whoever won gets her block head woned the battle pivot was furious as years gone by the girl had cancer…..block head was in tears…..then…….her pulse was gone………….pivot and block head didn’t know what to do…..blockhead and pivot wanted revenge on eatchother so then days went on and when block head won his victorys…..bigger foes came…..and that is the true story of the movie episodes….the reason why block head will return 4 is coming out hope you enjoy


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