The Node Reconfigurator

The purified Node Defabricator. This is the true weapon of Ralph, Used to create even the greatest of artefacts: the Bench. However, it also made his worst enemy, Empress Roux, whom promised to help Ralph but instead Betrayed him. It may look like he's uploading figure because we want him to but in fact, he is using our figures to Stop Empress Roux from breaking free of this site and escaping to the rest of the internet until she finds a way into our world.

And yes, that does mean she's been fighting over 100 different figures, all on her own and hasn't lost yet. So yeah, my figure is stronger than your 24ft invincible dinosaur!

Ralph's edit: This is becoming a fan fiction.

And I like it.

The-Node-Reconfigurator.nodes (1.9 KB)

Submitted in Weapons by Epitaph on April 17, 2017


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    • Yeah and it will be better if they add that song…. you know what i mean……..ughghgh



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