The Project Nightmare V2

Yup... I made a made a better version of my most popular stickfigure. I hope it is better to animate with, I'm sure maybe some of you guys used Nightmare as a base and make it better. I didn't put in a lot of detail into the backstory, wait... I didn't even PUT a backstory... Well... Here it is I guess.

It was when world war 3 came (ww3). Scientists were trying to make the most powerful weapon they could think of (and if they had the stuff to make it), One scientist thought of a serum that can turn the most passive of prey, into the most violent of preditors.

They Liked the idea, so they began to make the serum, It was called Nightmare Fuel, because of it's black color, they then tested it on mice, they put a camera to see what it would do. The mice transformed into a hostile creature but it was pretty small still. Overnight the all of the mice vanished without a trace. They tried a bigger test subject, a cow, it transformed into a hostile beast too! But it vanished just the same.

They decided to test it onto a human, once they did, it grew claws on it's hands and feet, it tore it's clothing, and it grew jagged teeth to rip through the flesh of pretty much anything. This one didn't vanish, they thought they got lucky, but it was their start of their demise... (the backstory is supposed to be one peice so it won't confuse anybody)

So that's the story of Project Nightfall.
You can enjoy that I guess spooky backstory, while enjoying this new stickfigure!

Thanks for reading this and downloading it, well... if you do download it. (Yes Shadow ghoul, Nightmare 2, and this, will battle on my youtube channel, XxMiss3dArrowxX Gaming!(

Thanks and bye! 😀

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Submitted in People by XxMiss3dArrowxX on April 12, 2018

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Zinger Winger

Was this edited out of the mc enderman?

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We’re all friends here

I want one


Looks like project night fall