Utopia 2 (Background)

Another version of the mystic paradise Utopia. the tower in the distance is supposedly a temple, the only place where normal stickfigures are allowed to enter within Utopia.

PS: If you would like to add one of your figures to the Story, upload a sample version and i will either reject it if the backstory is too confusing or too bland. Or i will accept it if the figure looks great and has a good story to it.

Ralph's edit: I just want to go and chill here.

Utopia-2-Background.nodes (11.6 KB)

Submitted in Backgrounds by Epitaph on July 10, 2017

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Good animations, bad figures.

Perfect for a zelda animation

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It's me, everyone's favorite ladyboy!

Good point


So… does that mean E2 in less than a month?


Yeah probably, the reason why Episode 1 took so long was making all the figures, backgrounds and objects, being bothered to do it and wondering what to do next (the story at that time was stupidly chaotic, Origin beings Epitaph and Kaiju alongside Charxek Thar didn’t even exist until halfway through


Where is your link? I need to know so i can submit my stickfigure

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Phantom i did not include an orginstory but here is one
He is a volunteer at an experimental experiment where
The volunteers are given small doses of plutonium for
Some medical causes but the great and evil empress
Roux stole the samples of plutonium and replace it
With rejected sticknodes syrum when the fake
Plutonium was injected in to thier blood every
Patient went crazy and corrupt they started to explode
But in phantoms blood he absorbed the rejected syrum
And made him an abomination but luckily he survived
The blood lose and became phantom he is filled
With the powers of rejected sticknodes figures
And a great blood of revenge he may look freaky
But inside he has a heart of gold

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It's me, everyone's favorite ladyboy!

you do realise Plutonium is hazordously poisonous. it’ll give you burns, vomiting, rashes, bowl problems and even death by simply being near it


Yeah I know that i forgot to mention that they were given biohazards
And are injected with some type of drug to help them witstand
A small dose for a short period of time they are testing the


This reminds me of Super Smash Bros.


Wow, this is perfect for a project I’m gonna start working on