Utopia (Background)

Not many have seen The serene landscape of the land they call Utopia. A peaceful and benevolent land where those whom have achieved utmost peace in self and patience may be granted passage to this safe haven.

Thought be aware as the ones known as the 'Benevolent Guardians' walk these lands for those without permission by the gods.

'Peace', 'Justice' and 'Calm' will hunt down trespassers with deadly silence and end those who disrupt their land.

-you have been warned-

Ralph's edit: Real talk, you have a creative mind you should design games or something.

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Submitted in Backgrounds by Epitaph on June 14, 2017


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  1. Funny you say that, i host a party roleplaying club similar to Dungeons and dragons exept it’s in space and i made up literally everything in it

      • Step one: become autistic
        Step two: get Tourette’s syndrome
        Step three: become dyslexic

        Congratulations, you should be me now

          • No. We’ve got big dinosaur/bug things with talons, big fleshy parasites, an ultra high tech alien civilisation, literally a sexy alien pirate. Oh, and there’s no humans in it (I don’t think anybody’s done that to be honest).
            Now, before you start screeching “EPITAPH, MAKE THOSE INTO FIGURES”, I’ve got something to say. This little role play of mine is definitely my most precious belonging above all, having the idea stolen would be extremely heartbreaking for me.
            That’s we have Empress Roux and the gang (Cyan claw, Origin-being Epitaph), they’re not even the very best i can do. So yeah, go enjoy my replacement figures like… *sigh* ‘Empress Roux Nude Enhanced’.

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