This is Vanta Ami The Avenger credit to Copper anims for his RHG this was once a person named Ami...

Ami's friend Vata was killed by the main villain in the Vantablack series Vata's ghost fused with Ami several days later Ami turned into this form with this power Ami is almost unstopable.

Ami is determined to kill every single one of the people who killed Vata and Vata is with Ami you just cant see him because YOU CANT SEE DEAD PEOPLE. Ami is avenging Vata for everything that has happened to him right now.

Ami forged a group called the Resistance Ami's goal is to AVENGE Vata if you look anything like the enemy you're dead meat

Ralph's edit: You don't like pronouns do you?

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Submitted in People by Vantablack Anims on October 5, 2017

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It's me, everyone's favorite ladyboy!

Does Roux have anything to do with this?

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I don’t think so… why?!

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The truth is hidden in my a*s