The prince of all Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ).

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    • Well, there’s SS1 and SS2 with an “ascended SS1” form in between, Vegeta calls himself “Super Vegeta” in this form. Then of course there’s SS3 which Vegeta never reaches. SS4 is non-canon and only appears in GT, but both Goku and Vegeta attain this form. Then of course the new movies introduce the pink and blue hair forms, titled SSG and SSGSS respectively.

      Why did I just type all of this.

  1. Why Vegeta anyway?
    Maybe he is Vegetarian? Thats why he likes to fight : BECAUSE THE OTHER SAYENS ARENT VEGETARIANS?!?!?!

    • Vegeta is named after his father, King Vegeta (of planet Vegeta). His father was the king of Saiyans, making Vegeta the prince of Saiyans (he refers to himself as this throughout the series, even though his father has long been dead, technically making him the king).

      Anyway, point is, all Sayains names are puns on vegetables. Goku’s real name is Kakarot (carrot), Nappa (nappa cabbage), Broly (broccoli), etc… Vegeta, as a result, is a pun on the word vegetable itself, as he is the prince/king.

        • Well, the creator of Dragon Ball – Akira Toriyama, just one guy.

          Also, only the Saiyans are puns on vegetables. There’s other “groups” that have their own naming system. The Briefs family are all named after underwear, the Ginyu Force is based on dairy products, and of course there’s Frieza and his family – named for cold temperatures. Etc…

          STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, GO WATCH DRAGON BALL Z (watch Dragon Ball first or after Z, your choice).

          • No, i had already enough with DBZ on my ps2.

            Damn ps2 with no memory card included, i received one today, and i know that nobody play this console anymore but i still have it, a 12 years old baby, go in hell ps4 and stuff, let me do some Ratchet&Clank without updates every 2 minutes, or some Godzilla Unleashed OR A GOOD CALL OF DUTY ON THE WORLD WAR 2 WITHOUT NOSCOPE 360 MLG W33D Y0L00
            Pls we dont have these games anymore, now gta, call of duty and fallout invades the market, while im sitting here, just playing on my ps2 and having real fun.

          • Ratchet and Clank games are where it’s at. I played the first four 100% multiple times.

            Also don’t feel bad. I’ve more-recently used my PS2 than any other console.

          • The ps2 is like a part of my life derp.
            I also got all the Ratchet & Clank, but i enjoyed Deadlocked more.
            Ps2 is born before the dark ages of video games to me, look how the community is now, there are no awesome games now, i mean, yes there are, but, there are no more Godzilla, and that is sad to me.

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