Vincent Pack

Contains Vincent, and his transformation, Frost Awakening. (4.8 KB)

Submitted in Packs by KaoInz on August 12, 2017

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Having all of that frost in your hair must be annyoing….


How do you think Shawn feels? His hair is literally on fire. Most people would probably panic if that happened to them.
He’s not really afraid of fire though, as he is the embodiment of it.

Aside from that, Vincent tends to not care, since he has been in this transformation multiple times. He got used to it.


Shawn’s older brother by a year. They look very similar, but are not twins.

He can control Energy, Water, and Vapor, but can’t control Ice.

–Frost Awakening–
Later in time, he learns to create Ice from Agūta, and unlocks a new transformation. As Water and freezing Air would make Ice, he found another way. Using Energy, he was able to make Water colder than the temperature around him, and freeze it into Ice.

With his new transformation, he has an unlimited amount of Energy, Water, Ice, and Vapor; like Shawn, he can turn any of his limbs into any of the above elements. He is able to keep Water, Vapor, and Energy together in his limbs, to keep it fr
om separating.

However, when turning his limbs into ice, he’s vulnerable, as an ice limb can easily get broken. But, he has immense power. He can
repair any of his limbs by gathering Water and Energy together.

The reason why it’s called Frost Awakening, is because he mostly uses Ice in this form (like I said before is made from Water and Energy), and occasionally uses Vapor.


Also, I messed up on Vincent’s front hand node.

If you want that fixed, go to Edit Stick figure, press that node, and press Send to front.

Another thing I did (not sure if this is a problem or not), was that I forgot to switch the front leg with the back; switching them would put the front leg below the front arm/hand, and put the back leg below the back arm/hand.


There are more mistakes as well. There are so many I made. I think I might have to make a fixed version. What do you guys think?