My RHG he controls lightning and stuff.

As of the 1.7.9 update, downloading stickfigures can be done without any external tools for both Android and iOS users! The only exception is ZIP files, instructions for downloading and using them are in this FAQ section here.

File NameVolt.nodes
AuthorSon Goku Anims
File Size2.2 KB
DateJanuary 9, 2017


    • I’m actually currently uploading the ones that were sent in within 7-10 days prior. This was one I skipped from way back but uploaded due to special request.

      It’s just a yellow stickfigure with a scarf. No offense to SGA, it’s just I get sooooo many plain stickfigures with scarves it’s not even a little funny.

      An no offense to anyone that submits them, I appreciate your enthusiasm and I hate that I have to skip stickfigures sometimes. It’s just practical reasons, I upload about 20 at a time and if 1-5 of those are scarf stickfigures every time it would get old.

      • Only reason i actually uploaded was because i was getting too many request, peoplr say they struggle with makeing volt but i have no possible idea how they’re having a hard time making it so i just submitted it


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