Warhammer Tyranid Pack

Warhammer Tyranid Termagaunt
Believe it or not, i used to play Warhammer. it's this table top game where you'd use an army of stupidly overprice modles to battle eachother with insanely complicated rules and this could take about an hour for just a small battle. the reason i stopped playing was because of how overpriced it is. one pack of 15 these bad boys is £20 goddamn pounds!

However, i do still love the lore and things within it. i play the game, read my old Tyranids and Lizardmen codex every now and then but have never considered going back to buying the models again until i'm some millionare or something!

Warhammer Tyranid Hormagaunts
Unless you were using Tau, if your opponant was to show up with a few hundred of these, it's basically giving them the middle finger and saying "deal with it boi"

Ralph's edit: I don't know what this game is.

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Search "Layne Coleman Stick Nodes" for my YouTube 😄

So they’re dinosaur-like legionnaires? For ground troops they look REALLY cool!

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Professional ass connoisseur

you should see the Carnifexes then!

Explosive Bullet
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I despise scarf figures, and dead memes.

Seems like a preying mantis.


Make Necrons or Tau Orks Space marines or elder plz I love you halo and now Warhammer

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Woke up this mornin, with a stick node to my head.

Hey epitaph random request…
Several years ago a studio called focus films released a movie called “9”
There is a monster in there called the seamstress.
I want you to make her


I play war hammer and I resently started collecting tau so imma go make those bad boyz (get it like ork boyz he heheh)