Xenomorph Pack

Ralph's edit: Spooky creatures. 2spooky

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Submitted in Packs by g on April 11, 2017

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6 Comments on "Xenomorph Pack"

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What is the point of this pack?!? They all look about the same!

Absolute anims

not really.. some of them has 3 ankles and some have 2, and tails are different too, and the back spikes some are sharp and some are not, even the heads are different a lil bit


Hey! Watch aliens or xenomorph movies so you can all know what is this creatures are.


Can you please make these each single without a pack? It would be a lot of help 😀


Hey I’m g. The creator of this xenomorph creatures, I just want tell where the hell did you get this stuff Ralph???? Anyway, I’m been making this xenos for a very long time and also make animations to it. It’s called “alien xenomorph attack”. Hey Ralph, if your reading this just also want to say thank you for sharing this to the sticknodes.com I just can’t know how to put this guys in this website but you did and it’s very helpful to me. Thank you Ralph.