XPs Livingroom

The couch is yellow so it stands out
'-' so... Bye... I guess, and this will be in a Stick Nodes series called "The Group"

Ralph's edit: You lied to me.

XPs-Livingroom.nodes (19.7 KB)

Submitted in Backgrounds by XP on June 13, 2018

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CookieInTheFace (The annoying one)
Hyper Elite Lvl8
Shuddup ya dumdum

Nice, might change the sofa color

Explosive Bullet
Ultra Elite Lvl9
I despise scarf figures, and dead memes.

Your living room is barren.


Sorry for the yellow couch. I made it yellow to stand out, I would of put a window, but I made this figure with 355 segments, their wasn’t enough segments to make the window DETAILS, And it was 5:53 AM.