Zoom 5

It was a zoom effect but you can use to Zoom,Punch,energy ball,Shock,Or other things
And im not steal witsh cool breaker he stealed me>:3
Raplhs fake et:I know you steale it

Ralph's edit: That was the worst edit I've ever had the displeasure of reading.

Zoom-5.nodes (12.9 KB)

Submitted in Effects by Lazy rhg anims (Jotaro Kinne Animations) on November 3, 2017

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nome gusta
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Prepare yourselves, Pharaoh Tehphet Nude is coming...

may you be blessed with downloads and thicc anthros

Terrible Chim Chim O's
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What comes out of my mouth will always be important.

Guaranteed feature.


Through all my son and dime
Shall be offered upon you
If you guess just right

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Ew. Take that Niche pornography away form me.

Zoom punch