If you’re new to Stick Nodes or stickfigure animation in general, check out some of the tutorials below to hopefully have some of your questions answered!

Official Tutorials

These are tutorials I made for the Stick Nodes community. I cover things like animation basics, creating a stickfigure, and how to download/import stickfigures.
Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video

Anything else you’d like to see a tutorial about? Let me know in the comments! If you have a tutorial you made and would like featured here, leave that in the comments too!


  1. This new update says that i can open the stick figures from safari(on Ios)well when i download and then press ‘open with Stick Nodes’ where i can import it? I dont see it in my stickfigure list.please help me.

  2. Where can I get more effect because I don’t really like the effects here in stick page. I know there are in droids.org but I want bettter ones.
    I’m too lazy to make it myself.


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There are answers on how to download stickfigures, add sounds, upload to Youtube, etc...