If you’re new to Stick Nodes or stickfigure animation in general, check out some of the tutorials below to hopefully have some of your questions answered!

Official Tutorials

These are tutorials I made for the Stick Nodes community. I cover things like animation basics, creating a stickfigure, and how to download/import stickfigures.
Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video

Anything else you’d like to see a tutorial about? Let me know in the comments! If you have a tutorial you made and would like featured here, leave that in the comments too!


  1. I’m still wondering why my stickfigures aren’t being submitted yet.I’ve submitted them, but they never appear on this website.Please, if someone can help I would gladly listen to what you have to say!

    • Stickfigures do get sent to Ralph but it takes a while to get through all of them. He probably has to do it slowly so the website wont lag. The unlikely option is ralph can sometimes lose stickfigures so if you dont see your stick figure in 1 or 2 weeks resumbit it

      • Actually I only upload 18 a day because that’s what fits on the front /stickfigures/ page. Then I like to give them roughly 24 hours of front-page time to be fair before uploading the new batch.

        To be honest the current uploads are about 3-5 days old, so it’s not too delayed anymore since I’ve been uploading every day.

  2. Ralph, please add more female sounds for Stick Nodes Pro, because there are only male sounds an 1 little girl sound. Please add some ADULT female sounds… it would be helpful to some of those using Stick Nodes Pro… Or don’t, you’re the boss.

  3. Hey, developer(or not) I was thinking if you could add FŮŁĻ tutorial of making a stickfigure, because many users are just depending on downloadable stickfigures. Thank you for your time ( what I mean is, adding a tutorial of how to use static blah, Gradient blah, paste and copy and all like that because there are many many language in the world.

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