If you’re new to Stick Nodes or stickfigure animation in general, check out some of the tutorials below to hopefully have some of your questions answered!

Official Tutorials

These are tutorials I made for the Stick Nodes community. I cover things like animation basics, creating a stickfigure, and how to download/import stickfigures.
Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video

Anything else you’d like to see a tutorial about? Let me know in the comments! If you have a tutorial you made and would like featured here, leave that in the comments too!


  1. ralph i want to see thank you 100 million time because you’re made my favorite app and do you have instgram or any program because I want to send to you my projects – special thanks to ralph –

  2. I would like too see a tutorial about how to upload animations because right now all I can do with Them is make a new one, edit one I have, or watch it.

    • I’m not asking how to upload it to YouTube actually. I’m saying that the developer should add a page to see other people’s animations and upload your own to it

      • I’ve played with ideas *similar* to this, but ran into issues. Once I get time to dedicate to stuff like this I’ll see what I can come up with, but likely Youtube will be utilized so either way the answer is to upload to Youtube.

  3. I’ve already said it a long time ago but I want to say again , you said you will remove the ffpmeg from SN and will try to use android tools to add sounds after you’ve add the big update (2.0.0) now plz do it coz my device can add sounds


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Before you ask a question, please check the FAQ page first.
There are answers on how to download stickfigures, add sounds, upload to Youtube, etc...