If you’re new to Stick Nodes or stickfigure animation in general, check out some of the tutorials below to hopefully have some of your questions answered!

Official Tutorials

These are tutorials I made for the Stick Nodes community. I cover things like animation basics, creating a stickfigure, and how to download/import stickfigures.
Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video

Community-Made Tutorials

These are tutorials I’ve seen on Youtube made by Stick Nodes users trying to help out other Stick Nodes users. There are many more not listed here, so just search “Stick Nodes tutorial” on Youtube!

Creating a Face (by Mici Animations)
Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video

How to Download Packs on Android (by Napalm)
Stick Nodes TutorialYouTube Video

Anything else you’d like to see a tutorial about? Let me know in the comments! If you have a tutorial you made and would like featured here, leave that in the comments too!

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Ace Anims

Hi Ralph! I was wondering how to create and upload packs?
Thanks for your time.

a guy

Read the FAQs


Excuse me, but how do you upload an animation to your own pictures/videos?


I am having trouble with something, how do I remove the frames and settings? I want to upload this, so all of that gone would be helpful.

The vesp lord

Hello again I have a request for sounds. I would like there to be a charge up sound for dbz, a fusion sound for dbz, and a sound for a beam struggle and maybe a few others I can think of off the top of my head


Ralph, or any one reading this, how do I add sound to my animations, I get very confused on how to add sounds and how they work for that matter


Ralph im kinda a good animator but I need to learn how to do combos like u beacause idk I can do them but urs r better sooooo


Ralph doesn’t make combos, search toturials on youtube, d4v1ddd anims makes them

Eddie gilbreath

Hi ralph its eddie again umm…
Can you make it to where there’s sounds on the demo version but they have limited soundsi have over 1000 subcribers on my youtube channel and they keep asking me to get sounds on my animations but i cant because i dont have a credit card or anything like that and i dont want to loose my fans. I cant let them down.Can you please figures somthing out


Eddie gilbreath

Hi Ralph i downloaded the file
explorer like your tutorial said to do but why arent the packs showing up in my inventory of nodes? Please help. Im a very, very, ,very big fan by the way!


Did you export it to the stickfigure file?

Aamir Kabba

You don’t need file explorer.I think it said for a zip file opener,or was that for IOS only?

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