Version 2.0.2 Live on the App Store (iOS)

Well that took a while. Here’s a link to the FREE version on the App Store, and here’s the PRO version.

The changelog is basically a combination of the past 2.0.0 – 2.0.2 updates that were previously released for Android, but here it is again.

The biggest change is how the user interface works (see this GIF here). These are the two most common questions regarding this UI change.

Q. Where are sounds?

A. Still where they have always been! Under “Frame Tools” – you have to tap a frame first to see the tools though.

Q. How do I change the background color?

A. Still also under “Frame Tools” – tap a frame to see the tools.

Version 2.0.2 (for iOS)

  • Huge interface overhaul! Cleaned up and much easier and intuitive to use. Most notably “normal”, “panning”, and “camera” modes now have their own buttons to the top-left.
  • Also, only relevant tools/buttons appear determined by what the user has just touched/selected (stickfigure, frame, textfield).
  • You can now OPEN ZIPs/PACKS with the app, “open with Stick Nodes” is now an option on your system, it will automatically import the contents of the ZIP.
  • The app is now available in 5 different languages! You can change the language by going into “App settings” under “App Tools” (EN, ES, FR, PT, TR).
  • A time delay can be added to individual frames to have them pause for a few seconds, good for pausing text on the screen.
  • The list of default stickfigures that ship with the app has been refreshed!
  • Filter import/open lists to make finding files easier!
  • Frame background colors can now be gradients!
  • The app can be flipped in landscape mode.
  • New sounds added for PRO users. Including COD Tactical Nuke, CS voices, Gun Reload, Minecraft Creeper sounds, Undertale sounds, and more.
  • So many small optimizations, bug fixes, and tweaks. So many… HAVE FUN!

Enjoy! Now to work on Stick Nodes PC!

PS – I’m not.

PPS – But I am working on something else…

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I want to download some character PACKS, but everytime I download them, it won’t appear in my game. I need some help.

Aamir Kabba

iM sO hApPy!!!!!!!

Führer Bio Animations

English, motherf*cker. Do you speak it?


Senòr, me no understand.


ralph what tf happened to red outlining while creating stickfigure


I like how every time I see Malone he’s triggered.


“your” not working on the pc version…………THEN WHO IS?!?!?!


I must be blind or something but I can’t find the sound place in iOS Stick Nodes 2.0.2


HELP ever since i got the update when i export mp4 it doesnt show in my photos! im on io!


Hey thanks for the Update Ralph. Don’t really like the sound menu and that big large red text. You misspelled Undertale Monster Sound 3. Might want to fix that. It’s Undertale in the sounds. I like the layout, easy but would prefer the old style, and the scaling is a bit too slippery for my standards, could you please tone it down so I can use it without making my stick go so small it can go under ant man.



Flapy Stick man

Help me since I got update it won’t let me move or do any thing when I had old versoin it worked pleas fix😤😭

Forgot to say I have iphon4 iOS7